Level 30 on North America Server

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    All Runes (List): out of 289 most are tier three in rune pages aleady
    All Skins (List): crimson akali matador, unchained, infernal alistar pharaoh, sad robot amumu noxian hunter anivia red riding annie Freljord Ashe Safari Caitlyn nightmare, jurassic cho'goth urfrider corki dark valkyrie diana toxic, mr. mundoverse, executioner mundo soul reaver draven death blossom elise shadow, masquerade evelynn nottingham ezreal dark candy cane fiddlesticks enchanted galio spooky gangplanck desert garen hillbilly gragas headless hecarim darkforge jarvan angler jax phantom karthus prevoid kassadin silver, viridian, unmasked, battleborn judgement, aether wing kayle swamp king, karate kennen mecha Kha'zix jurassic, sonoran Kog'maw traditional lee sin defendor leona sorceress lux shamrock, glacial malphite vizier, shadow prince malzahar dragon knight, lord mordekaiser astronautilus leopard, french maid nidalee grungy, sasquatch nunu glacial olaf myrmidon pantheon noxus, scarlet hammer poppy ninja, full metal rammus bloodfury renekton headhunter rengar battlebunny riven uncle, professor ryze workshop, mad hatter, asylum, royal, masked shaco frozen, yellow jacket shen darkflame, boneclaw shyvanna hextech, augmented singed hextech sion warrior princess, spectacular sivir arcade sona tyrant swain emerald taric badger, cottontail teemo highland, viking tryndamere kingpin twitch blackbelt udyr battlecast butcher urgot blight crystal varus white mage veigar big bad, feral warwick volcanic wukong battlecast xerath snowday ziggs time machine zilean wildfire zyra
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