Level 30 on North America ServerMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Elo Rating: 1172
    Total Influence Points: 1216
    Total Runes: 16
    Total Skins: 64
    All Champions (List): only leave Elise,Fiora,Sejuani,Viktor,Fizz,Xerath,Yorick,Karma,Cassipoia,Trundle,Irelia,LeBlanc,Lux,Urgot,Gargas,Panthon,Akali,Nidalee,Galio, I have rest of all 91 champs
    All Runes (List): Mark: Armor9 Armor Pen.9 Magic Pen.9 Phsical Dmg9 Atk Spd9 Armor/Macgic Pen 9 Seal: Armor9 CD release1 mana regen1 Growing Health at lv18 9 Glyphs: Attk Spd9 CD9 Magic reisit9 ap18 9 mr18 9 Quintessences: AP3 Armor3 Armor Pen.3 Atk Dmg3 GP10 3 Health regen 3 Move Spd3
    All Skins (List): Legendary Vlad,Teemo,Corki,Ezreal,Olaf Snow Katrina,Veigar,Maokai,Fidderick,Ziggs Halloween Twisted Fate and a lot like 64 skins, most of them are 975
    Account Creation Date: 2011

    Additional Information
    I spent much more than the price I want to sell, it worths more than 600USD, if u like it, check my North America game name: karu no hasu. the runes, champs and skins worth a lot. U wont miss this one I sell it for buying a new cymbal, quit games

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