Level 30 on North America Server

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    Elo Rating: 1135
    Total Influence Points: 2801
    Total Runes: 56
    Total Skins: 27
    All Champions (List): Akali Alistar Amumu Annie ashe blitzcrank chogath dr.mundo evelynn fiddlesticks Fiora Gangplank Garen hiemerdinger janna jax karma karthus kayle kog'maw lux master yi mordekaiser morgana nasus nautilus nocturne olaf nunu pantheon Poppy Rammus ryze shaco singed sion sivir soraka taric teemo tristana tryndimere twisted fate twitch udyr vayne vieger warwick wukong xin zhoa zilian
    All Runes (List): Great mark of strenght - 9 Greater seal of resistance -8 greater seal of fortitude - 2 Many more............
    All Skins (List): NuNu Bot skin , nightmare cho'gath Account Creation Date: 7/4/10

    Additional Information
    Account has alot of rare skins on it that are worth alot of money

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