Level 30 on North America Server

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    Elo Rating: 1100
    Total Influence Points: 600
    Total Runes: 40
    Total Skins: 36
    All Champions (List):
    All Runes (List):
    All Skins (List): Foxfire Ahri Crimson Akali That free alistar skin Lord darius Dark Diana Mundoverse Draven skin Death B. Elise Rugged Garen Jailbreak Graves Reaper Hecarim NB Irelia Warring King Jarvan ROBOT JAYCE WOOOHOOOO Merc Kat Mecha Kha'Zix Deadly Kennen Trad Lee sin Glacial Malphite *** *** IN MASTER YI (2x nocturne skins) ETERNUM + RAVAGER PENTAKILL OLAF Sewn chaos orianna Glaive Pantheon BATTLE BUNNYNYY RIVEN Warlord shen Tyrant Swain Cotton teemo RIOT TRISTANA MAGNIFICENT TWISTED FATE Dragon Vayne Neon VI General Wukong Shockblade Zed
    Account Creation Date: sept 2011

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    pm on for info andylink_productions

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