Level 30 on North America Server

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    Elo Rating: 1020
    Total Influence Points: 301
    Total Runes: 123
    Total Skins: 88
    All Champions (List): all but Morgana, zilean, urgot, xerath, karma, and gragas
    All Runes (List): 4 rune pages- AP page- ap quints, flat ap glyphs, armor seals, magic pen marks (all tier 3) AD page- AD Quints AD marks, armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs (all tier 3) Armor Pen page- ArmPen Quints, Marks Armor Seals
    All Skins (List): Highlights include: Championship Riven, SUPER RARE and hard to get. Feral Warwick, legacy Angler Jax, legacy PAX Sivir, Also Very desireable Toy Soldier Gangplank Safari Caitlyn. 5 regular legendary skins: Lion dance Kog'Maw Astronaut Teemo Brolaf Battlecast Prime Cho' Gath Eternum Nocturne also, Two legacy Legendaries: Red Baron Corki, Annie in Wonderland I have skins for almost all my champs and they are all 975 skins except nidalee.
    Account Creation Date: Pre-season 2

    Additional Information
    This account has never been banned, it is not one of those last ditch efforts to get money back out of it before the slightest offense gets you Perma-Banned.This account is not ranked very high, but has a lot of skins and other things going for it. (BRONZE 4). I need to move on from this game since I will soon be attending University.

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