Level 30 on North America Server

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    Total Influence Points: 893
    Total Runes: 40
    Total Skins: 35
    All Champions (List): All champs except, Ahri, annie, brand, caitlyn, cassiopedia, kayle, khaxiz, leona, malz, nami, nocturne, rumble, sejuani, sona, sindra, vi, victor, urgot, xerath, zed, ziggs and zyra
    All Runes (List): all AP, MP, bonus speed,
    All Skins (List): nurse akali, amumu, anivia gold, pitover blitz, red baron cork, tango eve, mine ezereal, pirate gangplank, wine gragas, hecarim death, glad jax, super jayce, death karth, sand katarina, mistic leblanc, street lee sin, dragon lulu, commando lux, glacial and marble malph, haunted maokai, ninja yi, secret agent miss fortune, galactic nasus, pharaoh nidalee, bladecraft oriana, frejlord rammus, redeemed riven, ALL shaco, darkflame shyvana, surfer and mad singed, war scion, earth skarner, cotton teemo, lil slugger trundle, demonblade tryndamere, tango and underworld twisted fate, black belt udyr, jade wukong, undertaker yorik, shiruma zilean
    Account Creation Date: 2011

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    Platinum border, honorable opponent

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