Level 30 on North America Server

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    Total Influence Points: 2458
    Total Runes: 468
    Total Skins: 108
    All Champions (List): All but Quinn
    All Runes (List): 14 RUNE PAGES WITH THE FOLLOWING RUNES Runes in full sets of X9 REDS -Armor -Armor Pen -damage -attack speed -crit chance -crit damage -dual pen -magic pen -mana regen Yellows -ability power -armor -damage -attack speed -crit chance -crit damage -energy regen -gold per 10 -health regen -magic resist -mana regen -ability power per level -damage per level -health per level -mana per level Blues -armor -ability power -attack speed -magic resist -cooldown -crit chance -crit damage -health regen -mana -damage per level Quints of full x3 -ability power -damage -magic pen -armor pen -attack speed -crit chance -crit damage -exp bonus -health -gold per 10 -health regen -dual pen -lifesteal -magic resist -mana -move speed -spell vamp Runes without full sets of 9 or 3 for quints Reds -ability power per level x3 Yellow -health regen per level x2 Blue -mana regen x6 -mana regen per level x3 quints -armor x1 -time dead reduced x1
    All Skins (List): HAS ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SKINS (some legendary and some you cant get anymore) Ahri -FoxFire Akali -Nurse _All Star Alistar -Longhorn Anivia -Noxus Hunter Annie -Red Riding -Prom Queen -Reverse -FrostFire -Panda Ashe -Queen -Woad -Amythest -Sherwood Caitlyn -Officer -Sheriff -Safari Casiopia -Siren -Mystic Cho-Gath -Jurasic -gentleman -Nightmare Corki -Hotrod -UFO Dianna -Dark Valk Eveylnn -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED Ezreal -striker -pulsefire -frozen Fiora -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED Gankplank -Spooky Garren -Rugged Irelia -Nightblade -Frostblade Janna -Hextec -Frost Queen -Victorious Jarvin -Darkforge -Victorious Karma -Sakura Katarina -Sandstorm -Christmas Skin -High Command -Redcard -Kitty Cat Kayle -Unmasked -Silver -Judgement -Battleborn Leblanc -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED Leona -Valk -Iron solari Lulu -Wicked Lux -Commando -Imperial Malphite -glacial Malzahar -Vizier -Shadow Prince Master yi -Assassin Miss fortune -cowgirl -secret agent -Christmas skin -road warrior -mafia Morgan -sinfull -exiled -bloodthorn Nasus -Galactic NIdalle -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED except old christmass 1 which isnt listed anymore Oriana -bladecraft Poppy -Battle Reg Riven -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED Ryze -Uncle Rize Shen -Frozen Shyvanna -Darkflame -IronScale Siver -Bandit -Spectacular -Warrior Princess Sona -ALL SKINS UNLOCKED Saraka -Devine Teemo -Badger Tristy -Riotgirl -Firefighter Twisted Fate -3 Muskateers Udyr -Blackbelt Vayne -Vindicator -Dragon Slayer -Heartseeker Warwick -Urf -Tundra
    Account Creation Date: Very old account created close to games launch

    Additional Information
    2000+ wins a few legenday skins and both victorious skins

    Total Riot Points
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