Level 30 on Europe Server

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    Elo Rating: 1800
    Total Influence Points: 320
    Total Runes: 5
    Total Skins: 20
    All Champions (List): ahri, akali, alistar, amumu, anivia, annie, ashe, blitzcrank, brand, caitlyn, cassiopeia, cho'gath, corki, darius, dr.mundo, draven, elise, evelynn, ezreal,fiddlesticks, fiora, fizz, galio, gangblank, garen, gragas, hecarim, irelia, janna, jax, jayce, karma, karthus, kassadin, kayle, kennen, kha'zix, kog'maw, leblanc, lee sin, leona, lulu, lux, malphite, maokai, master yi, miss fortune, mordekaiser, morgana, nami, nasus, nautilus, nidalee, nocturne, nunu, olaf, orianna, pantheon, poppy, renekton, rengar, rumble, ryze, shaco, shen, shyvana, singed, sion, sivir, skarner, sona, soraka, syndra, talon, taric, teemo, tristana, tryndamere, twisted fate, twitch, vayne, veigar, vi, vladimir, xin zhao,yorick, zed, ziggs, zilean, zyra
    All Runes (List): greater mark of attack speed x9, greater mark of magic penetration x9,greater seal of armor x9 , greater mark of attack damage x9, greater seal of scaling mana regeneration x9, greater glyph of magic resist x3, greater glyph of scaling magic resist x9, greater quintessence of attack damage x3 ,greater quintessence of gold x3 , greater quintessence of ability power x3, greater quintessence of movement speed.
    All Skins (List): Boom Boom Blitzcrank, jurassic cho'gath, red baron corki (legacy,legendary), Mr. mundoverse (legacy), spooky gangplank, Toy soldier gangplank (legacy), scuba gragas (legacy), Victorious janna (legacy), jaximus, debonair jayce, monarch kog'maw, Muay thai lee sin, Imperial lux, glacial malphite, Koi nami, Pharaoh nidalee, Uncle ryze, warlord shen, arcade sona, Musketeer twisted fate, Gangster twitch.
    Account Creation Date: 2011ish

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