Level 30 on Europe Server

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    Elo Rating: 1529
    Total Influence Points: 187
    Total Runes: 176
    Total Skins: 23
    All Champions (List): All champions
    All Runes (List): 9x greater mark of alacrity, 9x greater mark of desolation, 9x greater mark of insight, 9x greater mark of strength, 9x greater seal of alacrity, 9x greater seal of resilience, 4x greater seal of lucidity, 5x greater seal of meditation, 9x greater seal of regeneration, 9x greater seal of replenishment, 9x greater seal of strength, 9x greater seal of vitality, 9x greater glyph of alacrity, 9x greater glyph of warding, 5x greater glyph of clarity, 9x greater glyph of intellect, 9x greater glyph of potency, 5x greater glyph of replenishment, 9x greater glyph of strength, 3x greater quintessence of strenght, 2x greater quintessence of witches brew, 1 x greater quintessence of alacrity, 3x greater quintessence of desolation, 3x greater quintessence of fortitude, 1x greater quintessence of potency, 3x greater quintessence of swiftness, 3x greater quintessence of transmutation, 3x greater quintessence of vampirism
    All Skins (List): unchained alistar, bird of prey anivia, nightmare chogath, jurassic cho gath, urfrider corki, pulsefire ezreal, hired gun graves, mafia graves, commando jarvan IV, jurassic kogmaw, monarch kogmaw, traditional lee sin, pharaoh nasus, void nocturne, ravager nocturne, brolaf, noxus poppy, nothern front swain, renegade talon, guerilla tristana, high noon twisted fate, blood lord vladimir, fire fang warwick,
    Account Creation Date: 2-3 years ago no idea which date

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    11 rune pages

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