Level 30 Flight/Mental/Rifle (Villain on Death & Glory)

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    Starting Auction on my Level 30 Flight/Mental/Rifle. Opening Bid is $60.00 just reply on the thread and get the auction started Here is a video of what this Character is capable of but this isn't my character in the video. YouTube - DCUO's Death Cloud's FINAL PVP Video (Death and Glory) Faction: (Villain) Skill Points: 56 Skill Points Total of 42 Epic Pieces. Bank has 20 Blues in it which really don't matter but they are good. One of these blues include my good old Lion Tooth Juju Trinket which will turn your character into a lion. Epic 97.1 DPS Weapons: DPS Role Weapons: 97.1 DPS Rifle 97.1 DPS Two Hander 97.1 DPS Hand Blasters Controller Role Weapons: 97.1 DPS Controller Rifle 97.1 DPS Controller Brawler 97.1 DPS Controller Two Hander 97.1 DPS Controller Dual Wield Swords Epic Arena Gear: Weapons: 77.9 DPS Controller Rifle Epic Arena T2 DPS Role Gear: Full Set of Armor 2 DPS Rings DPS Trinket DPS Necklace Epic Arena T2 Controller Armor: Hands, Waist, Gloves, Shoulders, Boots, and Chest Controller Necklace 2 Controller Rings Arena Controller Trinket Epic Raid Gear: (From Batcave and Khandaq) Winged Fury Controller Head Winged Fury Controller Gloves Winged Fury Controller Back Winged Fury Controller Waist Winged Fury Controller L Overlords Mask(Controller Mask) Clutch of Authority (Controller Neck) Badge of Supremacy(Controller Trinket) Queens Chain (DPS Necklace) Thasalland Nth- Metal Legplates (DPS L) Nth-Metal Shoulders of Enndupar (DPS Shoulders) T1 Epic Raid Vendor Armor: (Aegis of Azarath) Aegis of Azarath Controller Boots Aegis of Azarath Controller Back T2 Epic Raid Vendor Armor: (Vengeance of Hectate) Vengeance of Hectate DPS Back Vengeance of Hectate DPS Hands Vengeance of Hectate DPS Waist
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.