Level 220 Male Soldier on Rimor - RK2

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    Tradeskills: Engineer Has 1100 in Mech Eng, Elec Eng, Quantum FT and Nano Programming with buffs and City Buff
    Nanos: Soldier has second best line of nanos (excluding clip junkie)
    Tokens: All Neutral Characters However soldier has cyborg and Combat merit token boards
    Main Characters Equipment: 5 - Uber Gear, Good To Great Gear
    Describe All Characters Equipment:
    Please List All Gear And Character: Soldier 214 (100k from 215), 16 Ai levels (half way to 17 Wearing: Full set of symbiants second best set (including super rare and expensive right arm also ql174 Exterminator Occular Enhancement (very very hard to fit)), Has full set of ql 200 ofab soldier armor (pen helm), Hold hell at bay, Second to last shadowland ring, Enhanced pads of dedication, Might of the Revenat, Spirit Shroud (Very rare and very hard to get back item (end game back item)), Viral Targeting subunit (ql 293 very hard to get a higher level), Comms Relay (Ql 300 very hard to get), Dreadloch Modified Shark (Best Soldier Weapon), Standard NCU set. Endorphin Factory (ql212) Inventory: Dreadloch Damage Amplifier, Dreadloch Endurance Booster, All Research Attunement Devices, Advanced Ancient Combat Tuner, Yalm. Bank: Lots of buffing items that will be needed to equip finial endgame items after perk reset, Exterminator Occular Enhancement (QL247), Also lots of quest items including AI 3 quest and Patterns for the symbiant bosses.
    Please List All Gear And Character: Engineer 142 (half way to 143), 11 Ai levels (30k from 12 ai) Wearing: QL218 comms relay, has 2 of 6 ncus, Phasing Nano Input Hood, Reanimator's Cloak, Enhanced pad of dedication, Set of Tier 1 (set to highest possible for level), Full symbiant set (very high for level), Has best nanos that can be used at level. Inventory/Bank: Has engie pistol, lots of tradeskill items along with a few symbiants that cant be used by the engie yet.yalm
    Please List All Gear And Character: NanoTech Wearing: Jobe/Tier1 mix,Enhanced pads of dedication, Neleb's nano-circuit Robe, Hood of wicked Inspiration, Standard Implants, Augmented Cyberdeck In Bank/Inventory: Lots of higher lvl nanotech nanos and some bits and bob items.
    How many alts over Level 100:
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 142
    Alternate Character Profession: Engineer
    Alternate Character Server: Atlantean - RK1
    Alternate Character Level: 108
    Alternate Character Profession: Nano Technician

    Additional Information
    Account has all expansions and is very highly respected.
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