Level 220 Male Bureaucrat on RK1 - Atlantean

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    Main Characters Group: Omni-Tek
    Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 5 - Uber Gear, Good To Great Gear
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Best Defense gear you can get for a crat, all beta symbs and most alphas in bag rdy to go (some betas in), pvp spec, Troa'Ler/Lust of Xan pistols, Dreadloch Freedom Arms, beast armor, Pent OFAB, Carlo and CEO pet (best pets), ALL NANOS, even the "Wierd Looking" ones. Tons of gear, fully loaded bank with not one open slot, stuffed with gear for everything, Yutto NCU, Night Heart Belts, fully upgraded. + 2500 Defensive Token board, Crit Scope (ql275), Alappa Pads, MoR, Modified Notucomm coat + tons more i cant think of atm
    Select the number of characters over Level 100:
    All Assets (Describe): So much stuff that is worth credits you wont ever have to farm again
    All Tradeskills (Describe): None really, some Psychology
    All Nanos (Describe): All of em, all the woerd looking nanos, and pieces for the alien alpha and beta nano
    All Tokens (Describe): 2500+

    Additional Information
    This toon is uber, good rep, everything u need, jump right into the game and dont think anything more about it ! , some alts on accounts 30-150 some for farming and some projects, all geared for level, Veteran account, Funcom points to spend at item store!

    Total Credits
    300000000Level 215 Male Bureaucrat on Rimor - RK2
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