level 200 mage and other accounts

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    [table="head;autonum=1;sort=1;"]Server|Level|Class|Full info|Email|Ranking|E-Domain |Other information | Item Worth | Sex | Price USD |Price CAD

    Scania|128|Bow Master|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|Fully Equiped|1.4 B|Male| $230.00 |$247.80

    Bello|124|Bow Master|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|Basic Equips|3.0 M|Male|$100.00 | $107.76

    Bera|133|Night Lord|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|Claw & Stars|1.2 B|Female|$410.00 |$480.00

    Bera|200|Fire/Posion Mage|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|None|3 M|Male|$410.00 |$480.00

    Khaini|130|Hero|YES|YES|YES|Gmail|Basic Equips|7.0 M|Male|$140.00|$150.90

    Bera|141|Bishop|YES|YES |YES|Hotmail|Fully Equiped|49 M|Male|$270.00 |$291.00

    Khaini|131|Night Lord|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|Fully Equiped|2.0B|Female|$245.00|$264.00

    Broa|72|Chief Bandit|YES|YES|YES|Hotmail|Basic Equips|4.0 M|Female|$65.00|$70.00[/table]

    Note: level 200 Fire/Posion Mage & level 133 Night Lord are both on same account.

    Price are Frim, NO Lowballers, fill free to leave a reasonable offer below, I will contact you if am interested, PM me if you want to buy at the price listed.

    Don't PM me if you are not interested in buying or you don't have money.

    [table="head;autonum=1;sort=1;"]Payment|Item Trade|Meso| Nx Cash | Account|Personal Check|MoneyOrder| CreditCard |Paypal|Cash



    Also willing to trade accounts for electronic goods such as PSP Slim, Apple Iphone, Apple Itouch, Google Phone, Laptop, Nintendo DSi, LCD TV, LCD PC Monitors or some other electronics that interest me.


    I made an MSN account which is *****************************************************

    I took all the equips off the level 200 mage, but there still are some meso and equips nothing godly lowered account price by $200.

    Can u also include email domains?

    Email domains added, the accounts marked 45M + has normal zakum helm also as well as many scrolled weapons and other equips such as glove,cape,shoes ect.....

    FireMage and level 131 Night lord both have +1 horntail neckless, +22 every stats

    FireMage has 30+ int Zhelm

    Bishop has one 20 int sauna robe & one 25 int sauna robe

    Bishop and Level 131 Night lord both have Avg MoNs

    There are many more scrolled/other items on these accounts, just dont have time to list every single one.

    Do you have an aim/msn? if so contact me

    Msn : *****************************************************

    would u possibly lower the price of the chief bandit to 65$

    ---------- Post added 09-09-2009 at 08:55 AM ----------

    i mean 60$

    sure, ill sell for $60 pm me your msn address and ill add you.

    Originally Posted by wackysicko

    Do you have an aim/msn? if so contact me

    Msn : *****************************************************

    stop spamming and read my post, it said post your offer here and ill contact you if i like your offer.

    Hmm, can you reserve the 124 Bowmaster for me?

    I'll buy it in about 10 days 'cause that's when I get my money.

    I'm gonna buy it for $100.

    MSN: *****************************************************

    ill save it for you, ill add you to my msn after install my new window 7 tonight, my old window xp system crashed for some reason and is stuck in a endless reboot :(.

    Haha, thanks for saving it for me.

    &I know what you mean, my Xp is sucking balls.

    Did u try restoring?

    yea i tried system restore through recovery console but it didnt work, its just stuck in a endless reboot, i cant even go into safe mode.... window 7 final was leaked this morning so am going to just use it as my new system, since am going to upgrade to it any ways when its release on October, i still have couple mins left before its done downloading then i would need to burn to CD then need recover my old files from hard drive, lots of work when computer crashes lol
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