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    If interested, feel free to message me (either on playerup Chat or Disc: pokerotas) to discuss the account, its price and your offer, or to get more information and images of the account.

    Level 183, 11 Years of Service Badge on 2023-12-02, daily use over the years with no changes to the account.
    No VAC and Trade bans, never refunded a game or changed region, so a full access account with no restrictions to card drops and trading, during the transaction you may change the region to yours along with the password/email and add your own phone number and authenticator.
    Along with this account you'll get 4 alt accounts, they are level 25~26, 11~13 years old and have 40~95 games. The accounts don't have any VAC/Trade bans and are fully functional as bots to farm card drops or as regular accounts to use/sell.

    14,837 Total Apps on the account (includes paid, free & banned Games (12,250)/Soundtracks (324)/Software (400)/Videos (721)/Tools (262)) - 3,668 Paid Games, 835 Paid DLC, 2,704 Removed Apps (#1199 in removed game leaderboard and have access to the removed game collector group).
    292 Total Badges (8 expensive/rare foil badges valued at around 100$ each to get from the market, has all event badges from the past 5 years as well).
    Steam Summer Sale 2013 normal badge level 100, #17 in leaderboards
    Steam Summer Sale 2013 foil badge level 3, #23 in leaderboards.
    Steam Summer Saliens 2018 #79 in leaderboards and max level with huge experience earned in the profile showcase.
    Rare Badges (0.01%, 0.1% 0.2% etc. achieve rate) and no longer achievable achievements in a game called Dofus that is now removed from Steam. Also can't get the achievements with Steam Achievement Manager as it's an online game and the achievements are locked on steam's part.
    Almost level 5 contributor/donator on SteamGifts. Donator rank on SteamDB.
    A few level 3 showcases available along with some nice avatars/avatar frames/profile backgrounds/mini-profile backgrounds bought for steam points as well as received from limited-time events, for example the Quake and Sonic profile packs, some limited-time emotes/stickers/effects from various events are available in the inventory as well.

    An all around good account in many aspects, doesn't excel in just a single one. Price mostly consists of removed games that are pretty expensive, or in most cases just unavailable to buy anymore. Nice rare badges from the past, decent level and a very nice amount of games.

    Sorted game list (additionally there are 14k unsorted games/apps):

    Steam Profile:

    SteamDB info:

    SteamGifts profile:

    Steam-Tracker removed games:
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