Sold Level 150 - 64k Rep 61 6* Toons - Great Mods and Weapons @ Bargain Price

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    Fantastic Account available for a bargain price

    This account will easily allow you to be a top player in any No 1 faction.

    61 6* toons,

    Best Att Team - Alice (Revive), Hershal (Guardian), Sandy (decap), Alpha (decap), Bruce (dis-arm)
    Best Def Team - Garrett, Magna (shield), Jesus (shield) Eric (revive), Lydia (revive)

    Other notable 6 stars - Glenn, lucas, noir, spencer, Abe, Shiva x 2, xmas shiva x 2, Marlon & Rosie, Solange, Princess, Aris, Yvette, Shawn, Donny, Naya, Rick, Arron.

    Too many 5*to count, 16 ascendable 5*

    56 Platinum weapons, loads of green red stun, impair x2 and absolute defence x5
    234 gold mods, numerous stunt and impair resist

    21 Ulysses
    18 Lilths
    3 Aden

    66k Supplu Depot Points
    76K League Tokens
    48K season Tickets

    $400 is a great price, can be negotiated. I've known people spend $400 just to get Alice (best toon on the game)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.