Selling LEVEL 148 WAR DRAGONS ACCOUNT IOSMiddleman Seller Guide

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  1. Eilish Ponting

    Eilish Ponting
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    I want to sell my alt account which is level 148. I have not used it much recently so it is pretty empty. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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    Eilish Ponting

    Eilish Ponting
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    Account Info: IOS

    Level 148
    Attack Power: 15.9M Unboosted or 27M Boosted
    Defense Power: 8.8M Unboosted or 14.8M Boosted
    Medals All Time: 17M
    Top Dragons (boosted): NightShade, Skarr, Sigurd
    Activity: Inactive
    Egg Tokens (when writing this comment): 12.4k
    Timers: None, I used them this wood event.
    Breeding Castle: Level 9
    Forge: Level 6
    Storage Hut: Level 42 (Food and Wood: 772k MAX)
    Hall Of Research: Level 6
    Dragon Den: Level 28
    Builders Hut: Level 24
    Incubator: Unknown, platinum egg is incubating
    Rune Dust: 7.66M (a lot of runes, unknown amount of used and 213 unused)


    This account has Red,Purple,Blue, Orange, Green, Gold dragons.
    Most smaller dragons are MAX but as they get higher less are max. (all are max until Luminark, then they become less MAX depending on what dragons were good at the time)

    Platinum: Mune 6, Cerbero 6, Necura 11, Nosfer 6, Jagra 12, Rizar 4.
    Kaiju = 288/400 Hulking Monster
    Kelvin = 268/400 Glacial Gemini

    Divines: (unboosted)

    Raetrix MAX - 3081
    Kinnarakku 8 - 5.8k
    Magmor 19 - 31.6k
    Grumble 20 - 34.3k
    Tarand 6 - 62.1k
    Snowdrop 6 - 61.9k
    Necroth 26 - 425.9k (still has 89 eggs left to level a few more times)
    Abraxxas 9 - 179.1k
    Sigurd 23 - 3.0M
    Skarr 20 - 6.0M
    Nightshade 20 - 7.0M



    23x 100% XP Boost
    1x 200% Food Production Boost
    3x 200% Wood Protection Boosts
    166x +30% Dragon Attack
    638x +30% Dragon HP
    625x +30% Tower Attack
    789x +30% Tower HP


    682x Heal Potions
    1240x Defense Armor
    1274x Defense Gunpowder
    158x Defense Hammer
    86x Inner Fire


    14x Chain Lightning
    86x Explosive Shield
    14x Evasion
    32x Freeze
    21x Rejuvenate
    39x Healing Mark
    24x Cure Poison
    6x Reverse Projectile
    26x Death Gaze
    1x Fireball
    23x Battle Cry
    63x Cloak
    23x Stoneskin Shield
    49x Invisibility Shield
    43x Wind Wall
    34x Lock Down
    32x Vampiric Touch
    58x Self Destruct
    29x Elemental Mayhem


    76x Lightning Resist
    59x Trebuchet Resist
    62x Ballista Resist
    104x Archer Resist
    66x Cannon Resist
    72x Storm Resist


    On base:

    2/15 Archer Towers = Level 30 and 25
    2/15 Cannon Towers = Level 34 and 27
    2/15 Storm Towers = Level 27 and 23
    0/10 Ballista Towers
    4/5 Red Mages = Level 30, 25, 20 and 21
    4/5 Blue Mages = Level 27, 26, 22 and 21
    1/10 Trebuchet Towers = Level 30
    3/10 Lightning Towers = Level 31, 30 and 21
    1/6 Ice Turrets = Level 37 with 38910 ice shards left
    1/6 Fire Turrets = Level 39 with 18800 fire shards left
    0/8 Dark Flak Towers = with 27150 elemental embers left
    1/1 Earth Totem = Level Unknown Upgrading with 27150 elemental embers left
    2/2 Sheep Farm = Level 32, 34
    2/2 Lumber Mill = Level 30, 32

    In storage:

    1 Lightning = Level 9
    1 Trebuchet = Level 23
    2 Storms = Level 12, 14
    3 Archers = Level 17, 18, 24
    4 Cannon = Level 17, 18, 19
    4 Ballistas = Level 10, 10, 12, 18

    Is a nice little account with enough things to keep you happy and set up if you are looking for a smaller yet big account, would be okay in a lower diamond team or a high sapphire team. I have lent the account out to other people/teams in the past (always a different password, when i pull it always change it) to use in the past that is why things are low, it hasn't been used in a few months (other then me logging on for playerup) so am deciding to sell it so someone can use it to its full potential and make it stronger. If you have any questions or want screenshots of the account message me on the app "LINE" at "queenofhades96"

    Any offers are welcome, i really want to sell the account. I have spent over $2,000 on this account over the past year so do not want to go to low but am willing to negotiate.