Level 120 Male Melee PK

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    Main Characters Server: Us w64
    Main Characters Total Level: 1838
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Void All Pieces except shield(meele+ranger +mage helm included) , Dragonhide, Fire cApe Dboots , Soul wars Cape, Arcane Neck, Crystal bow + sheild 1k gold charms 400 Crims and 250 Green Exetremes Sets, Torso , 85 herb, 74 Summ. Does Great Pking Range or Meele Style 77 Dung with reward items
    Attack: 87
    Strength: 90
    Defense: 85
    Range: 96
    Prayer: 72
    Magic: 88
    Runecraft: 55
    Construction: 70
    Hit Points: 93
    Agility: 56
    Herblore: 85
    Thieving: 57
    Crafting: 70
    Fletching: 74
    Slayer: 69
    Hunter: 66
    Mining: 66
    Smithing: 70
    Fishing: 61
    Cooking: 73
    Firemaking: 78
    Woodcutting: 68
    Farming: 58
    Select the number of characters over Level 10:
    All Skills (Describe): IT has done half of the achievement dairys along with skills high enough to finish nearly all quests. all except a few are 60+ 85Herb with 400 exetreme sets and 600 spec recovers in bank
    All Assets (Describe): it has members gear all scrolls from dungeering unlocked all main quest done including rfd desert treasure nomads require monkey madness and the corp quests in bank it has 6m worth of items cash 0

    Additional Information
    Would like an account with 95+ Dungeering with 95+ Combat Quests don't need to be done and skills can be low would like a few Chaotics though.

    Total Gold
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