Level 12 Assassin Elyos Male on KahrunMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Main Characters Hit Points: 914
    Main Characters Mana: 1004
    Main Characters Abyss Points: 0
    Main Characters Abyss Rank: No Rank
    Main Characters Skills (Describe): Active Skills: Bandage Heal, Counterattack I, Devotion I, Divine Strike I, Focused Evasion I, Hide I, Return, Soul Slash I, Surprise Attack I, Swift Edge I, Passive Skills: Advanced Archery Training I, Advanced Dagger Training I, Advanced Dual-Wielding I, Advanced Leather Armor Proficiency, Advanced Sword Training I, Basic Cloth Armor Proficiency, Basic Clothing Proficiency, Basic Dagger Training, Basic Leather Armor Proficiency, Basic Sword Training, Boost Accuracy I, Evasion Rate Increase I, Winged Fury I
    Main Characters Professions (Describe):
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Below is laid out like a table and may need to be expanded to view properly. Prophecy Sword Mercenary Captain Dagger Attack: 45-57 39-45 Atk Spd: 1.4 1.2 Crit Strike: 50+13 100 Accuracy: 144+12 131+29 Parry: 296+12 247+12 Magic Acc: 5 Magic Boost: +19 Evasion: +4 Forest Headband Canyon Breechers Evasion: +25 61 Magic Resist: +18 22 Phys Def: +13 44+8 MP: +64 Crit Strike: +4 Concentration: +1 Kalion Mercenary's Jerkin Mercenary's Boots Evasion: 82 40+4 Magic Resist: 33 13 Phys Def: 65 25 HP: +20 x2 Ranger's Leather Belt Aether Ring Magic Resist: 25 19 Accuracy: +8
    Select the number of characters over Level 20:
    All Assets (Describe): Pets: Grassy Drakie, Purple Ribbit, and Red Eye Larail 10 Minor Power Shards (Increases Damage by 10 points when used) 4 Lesser Power Shards (Increases Damage by 15 points when used) 15 Greater Running Scrolls (Increases running speed by 30% for 5 minutes when used) 5 Greater Courage Scrolls (Increases Attack Speed by 9% for 5 minutes when used)

    Additional Information

    Total Kinah
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