Selling  Level 95+  Android and iOS Level 108 Account. Barn:10000. Silo:5600. Coins:3000000+. Diamonds:1130+. Paypal ONLY.

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    Supercell ID account.

    Boat, Neighborhoods, Mine, Fishing and Town have been built.

    In main farm, all lands have been unlocked except the lands with permit(Short of permits).

    In Fishing Lake, all spots have been unlocked. Lobster pool and duck salon have maximum capacities.

    Town reputation level 16. All lands in town have been unlocked.
    Every service building has maximum capacities.
    Town Hall: Level 12
    Train Station: Level 11
    Personal Train: Level 18

    In achievements, only last 7 achievements have not finished yet.

    Wildlife Sanctuary has been unlocked. Three animals: Elephant, Hippo, Giraffe each

    30 crates in roadside shop.

    All buildings/Machines have been purchased.

    All pets have been unlocked.

    Coins: 3000000+
    Silo: 5600
    Barn: 10000

    The price is fixed. Paypal ONLY. Pay as friend or family member. Old buyer is preferred.

    I have done 100+ Middleman transactions. Gold verified seller.

    Please use [email protected] for communication.
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