Level 100 Bard Wood Elf Male on Povar

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    Main Characters HP (Unbuffed): 97743
    Main Characters Mana (Unbuffed): 74424
    Main Characters AC: 8243
    Main Characters AA Points: 7952
    Main Characters Epic: 2.0
    Main Characters Equipment Summarize: 5 - Near Perfect Equipment (Fully Geared)
    Main Characters Equipment (Describe): This character is Mostly VoA Raid geared with some RoF Gear/weps
    Main Characters Magelo Profile: I will not expose my character to eyes on the net that coule prevent me from selling it. THsi toon is ranked 5th on the server he is on but was first for many months until my doctor visits took over my play time. This character will come with bags and bank full of goodies !!!!
    All Clickable Items: Far to many to list
    All Veteran Rewards (Describe): account is to young to have any yet
    All Keys (Describe): keys are obsolete in todays game play not sure whyt he idiots ont his accoutn put it there. we all know its progression based!
    All Flags (Describe): fully flagged
    All Tradeskills (Describe): I have some in all skills cept jewelry
    All Assets (Describe): the best asset of this toon is his gear and ranking on the server.
    Select the number of characters over Level 30:
    Total Days Played On Account:
    Characters Transferrable?: Yes
    Expansions: all

    Additional Information
    This is a top Bard that was in a 5th or 6th ranked guild serverwide. i wont specify because id hate to loose this toon because of how i list it !!

    Total Platinum
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