Selling  North America  Legends 10+ Legendary 12 + 1 / epics 20 / 16000 dust/ card backs 16/ gold 1300/ starter player

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    account for person who wants to start with practically any deck thanks to the 16k of dust

    This account was played little but it is aimed at players who want to have a good start in the prizes mode, we are going for level 20 and it has 4 envelopes without uncovering I will be playing it these days to get extra prizes for the person who buys it, it has a legendary random to unveil the latest expansion

    I deal directly with paypal write to me privately if you are interested, I have already sold two hearthstone accounts previously on this page I can give you proof if you want

    Legendary: 12+ 1
    Epics: 20
    rare: 93
    commons: 205
    card backs: 16

    The deal is done by private messages via paypal, I leave you enough photos of the account and it has two decks that you can play in wild mode while you decide which deck to create