[email protected] is a Scammer.

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Hello there, It's sad to see that I have been scammed, yet again. This time, I actually knew the guy, did bussiness with him before. Before the scam! He told me that he would sell me an agent for 1b, but I didn't have it. So, he started telling me that it had beast armor and all this cool stuff on it, and that he wanted to get rid of the agent. So I nagged/annoyed all my friends to lend me 1b, and I told him that, so two days later heres what happens. I thought it was just going to be an easy trade scince we both knew eachother, so I gave him the creds, and he said to go on , so I went on, then he just logged off , and later that day, he logged back on and said that he was in a storm or bad weather.. then logged back off. I looked for his email address in my contact list, and noticed he changed his name to Leetizzle. His other name was Imran. The scam was, he was going to trade me a 220/30/70 Soli Agent, for 1b. I did not know it was 30/70 - or I would have knew it was a scam.. no one sells a toon like that for just 1b. So anways, I'm sitting here with no account, and no creds.. trying to return to AO.
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