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    I keep trying to get myself back into AO guess its not gna happen i have 3 accounts for sale. 1st acc- 220 soldier-All alphas required to be endgame on a 220 soldier are in this includes everything but head/leg/foot has all xan items nessesary for a end game soldier this soldier is near endgame all it needs is ai lvls/phew more research and lots of tokens. 220 doc-(same accoutn as soldier) woudlent consider this the main on this account symbs a little lower he has a non upgraded lust and both bracers 20 ai lvls and decent research. 210 agent(doc/sold acc)-mostly striped lower ai lvls and lower research but rdy to lvl!. other tl5's on the acc-170 advy(soli)striped 150 mp(NM)generaly striped and some other lowbies nothing special 2nd account- 216 nanomage nt-fully maid db bracer kinda weak ai lvls decent research some db armor ok symbs db quest done and nbg quest done GREAT for pvp. 160 advy-saved in inf alrdy(lol) mostly striped lots of nano's comes with a jobe pistol decent research as well mostly 5's/6's lots of tl2's on this account i kept rolling mroe but the 49 soldier is saved in schoel was working on getting him to inf but i gave up but he is rdy to be twinked 3rd account- 176 burecrat- all research done that u can get at 176. This account would be great for starters most toons striped but good pvm account 170 soldier-mostly striped saved in inferno alrdy rdy to be lvled 86 nt- Was gna be a twink never got to it but its rdy to go sorry for the longggggg spam line there but i dident want more then one post im taking offers of cash payable threw paypal for this account you can reach me on my [email protected] im on alot so just send me a pm here leave a post or send me a msg threw . Thanks for reading
Thread Status:
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