League of Legends NA account Level 30. miss 26 champs. gold 5 SKINSSS

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    • I can talk to you trough my account or send pictures of my accounts if you want more details • account is 100% mine and will NOT be recovered • PayPal ONLY (must send as gift to family/friends) • I will NOT go first Skins: Traditional karma Warring Kindoms Xin Zhao Eternum nocturne Soul reaver Draven Fisherman Fizz Mafia graves nightraven Fiora Stinger akali Crimson akali Frosted Ezreal Sanguine Garen Spooky gangplank Deadly Kennen Swamp kennen Harbringer Kassadin Mad hatter shaco Glacial Olaf Myrmidon Pantheon Waterloo Miss Fortune Traditional Lee Sin Unmasked Kayle Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate The Magnificent Twisted Fate Underworld Twisted Fate Leprauchan Veigar Buccaneer Tristana Firefang Warwick Wildfire Zyra Super Teemo Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Commando Jarvan IV Contact me on : JesperObbes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.