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    Hello mxc i want to sell my account in league of legends ( West Region ) summoner name the asassan The account has: 14000 ip/44 rp 10 Rune Pages with many many good runes 950 wins but low elo (700) i have all champions except: Yorick/Lulu/Graves/Ahri/Xerath/Ziggs/Viktor/Nautilus/Leona Skins: Crimson Akali/Golden Alistar/Noxus Hunter Anivia/Queen Ashe/Boom Boom Blitzcrank/Frosted Ezreal/Hextech Galio/Minuteman Gangplank/Sanguine Garen/Piltover Customs Heimerdinger/Vandal Jax/Deep One Kassadin/High Command Katarina/Karate Kennen/Sonoran Kog'Maw/Vizier Malzahar/Totemic Maokai/Chosen Master Yi/Ionia Master Yi/Road Warrior Miss Fortune/Infernal Mordekaiser/Pentakill Mordekaiser/Galactic Nasus/French Maid Nidalee/Void Nocturne/Forsaken Olaf/Chrome Rammus/Molten Rammus/Galactic Renekton/ Bilgerat Rumble/Uncle Ryze/Royal Shaco/Yellow Jacket Shen/Hextech Sion/Pentakill Sona/Astronaut Teemo/King Tryndamere/Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate/Gangster Twitch/White Mage Veigar/Count Vladimir/Tundra Hunter Warwick/Imperial Xin Zhao Looking for trusted trader leave pms with price (payments accepted psc/paypal)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.