League of Legends Account - NA - Silver 3 - 68 Champs - 9 Rune Pages!!!

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    Level 30 - NA Account RP - 35 IP - 1193 Silver Rank Division 3 - 28/100 Points 68 Champions 9 Rune Pages Skins - Leopard Nidalee Toxic Mundo Mech Khazixs Blood Moon Akali Emerald Taric Phantom Karthus - Grim Reaper Karthus Fire Fox Ahri Artic Warfare Caitlyn Artic Ops Kennen Hot Rod Corki Frosted Ezreal Dreadknight Garen Mafia Graves Temple Jax Muai Thai Lee Sin Vizier Malzahar - Shadow Prince Malzahar Mafia Miss fortune Frozen Nocturne Rune wars renekton EarthRune Skarner Badger Teemo Underworld Twisted Fate Arclight Varus HeartSeeker Vayne Trundra Warwick Cataclysm Xerath Viscero Xin Xhao Arcade Sona Soul Reaver Draven Reaper Hecarim Mecha Khazix Looking for 90.00 USD. Will go first with repped members of the community. Must be Paypal Verified. Contact me on : Diskobiskut Happy Hunting! - Dreadstar24
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.