League of Legends Account Level 30 NA - 97 champions - 89 skins - 10 pages Silver 1Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hello, I am selling a Silver 1 League of Legends Account. I played this account since Pre Season One and now that i have quit the game and I am now selling this account. If interested and want to buy just make an offer. Midnight Ahri Crimson Akali Infernal Alistar Pharaoh Amumu Bird of prey Anivia Frost Fire Annie Queen Ashe CryoCore Brand Artic warefare Caitlyn Officer Caitlyn Mythic Cassiopeia Nightmare Cho'gath Urf Rider Corki Mr.Mundoberse Soul Reaver Draven Death Blossom Elise Masquerade Evelynn Pulsefire Ezreal Dark Candy FiddleSitcks Tundra Fizz Gatekeeper Galio Special Forces GangPlank Scuba Gragas Full metal jayce Hired Gun Graves Riot Graves Nightblade Irelia Frost Queen Janna Victorious Janna Commando Jarvan IV Jaximus Jax Traditional Karma Pentakill Karthus Bilge water Katerina Judgement Kayle Deadly Kennen Swamp Master Kennen Artic Ops kennen Deep Sea Kog'Maw Traditional Lee Sin Iron Solari Leona Sorceress Lux Glacial Malphite Festive Moakia Assassin Master Yi Mafia Miss Fortune Exiled Morgana Koi Nami Galatic Nasus Leopard Nidalee French Mai Nidalee Frozen Terror Nocturne Sasquatch Nunu Nunu Bot Demolisher Nunu Sewn chaos Orianna Scarlet Hammer Poppy Ninja Rammus Battle Bunny Riven Rumble in the jungle. Tribal Ryze Uncle Ryze Professor Ryze Dark Crystal Ryze Royal Shaco Yellow Jacket Shen Darkflame Shyvana Augmented Singed Hextech Sion PAX Sivir Sandscourge Skarner Pentakill Sona Arcade Sona Divine Soraka Tyrant Swain BloodStone Taric Recon Teemo Super Teemo Firefighter Tristana Lil slugger Trundle Highland Tryndamere Musketeer Twiser Fate. Primal Udyr Dragonslayer Vayne White Mage Veigar Thunder Lord Volibear FireFang Warwick Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Wild fire Zyra - 10 great runevpages tons of avatars Never had any bans. No warnings Very good account. Paypal Accepted only!!! Add me on for proof - :Lonephenom some images. i.imgur/SLIJuOp.jpg i.imgur/js5IRt5.jpg i.imgur/xbJdVQu.jpg i.imgur/696SV2M.jpg i.imgur/erHiXZz.jpg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.