League of legends account gold 4 season2, season 3 unrranked 55champs 13 skins

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    Hi guys, I sell my acc because i dont have time on play because i go to school. i have champs: Ahri akali alistar amumu anivia annie ashe cassiopeia cho gath corci diana ezreal fizz galio gragas graves hecarim irelia janna jarvan jax katarina kayle kennen lee blanc lee sin maokai master yi morgana nocturne nunu orianna poppy rammus rumble ryze shaco shen shyvana singed soraka syndra taric teemo tristana twister fate udyr vayne vi vladimir warwick xerath xin zhao zyra Skins: Foxfire ahri crimson akali Siren cass Dark diana pulsfire ez riot graves victorious janna dragon lee samuray yi full metal rammus royal shaco justicar syndra underworld twister i selling tis acc as :90e pls sed massage acc is EUNA - - - Updated - - - Jungle runes ap runes ad runes solo runes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.