LEAGUE ACCOUNT S2 Gold/106Champs (6unavailable)/12 skins/Max Rune Pages

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    Skins Victorious Janna (Season 2 Gold Reward) Pulsefire Ezreal (3250RP Themed Legendary Skin) Dreadknight Garen Head Hunter Master Yi Lord Mordekaiser Blackthorn Morgana Leopard Nidalee (Not available at store anymore) Full Metal Rammus Championship Riven (Limited Skin) Dark Crystal Ryze Dragonblade Talon Super Teemo Champions 106 champions except Syndra, Ziggs, Elise, Quinn, Thresh and Zac. (6 unavailable) RP Left 5624 RP Left! (35 USD = 5000RP. So around 40 USD worth of RP) IP Left 6K IP Left with 4 win boosts Runes Marks Flat Armor X 9 Flat Armor pen X 9 Flat Attack Speed X 9 Flat Crit Chance X 9 Flat Magic Pen X 9 Seals Flat Gold per 10 X 9 Flat Magic Resist X 9 Growth Health X 9 Growth Mana Regen X 9 Glyphs Flat Magic Resist X 9 Growth Ability Power X 9 Growth Cool down X 9 Growth Magic Resist X 9 Quintessences Flat Abillity Power X 3 Flat Armor Pen X 3 Flat Physic Damage X 3 Flat Attack Speed X 3 Flat Crit Chance X 3 Flat Exp Bonus X 1 Flat Gold per 10 X 3 Flat Health Regen X 3 Flat Move Speed X 3 Rune Pages 20 RUNE PAGES! Ranked Season 2 Solo que and team 5vs5 gold Season 3 Didn't finish placement match (5 win 4 loss) Played 15~20 ranked team games but it doesn't count because I deleted all the ranked teams. Price Around 220 USD (40 USD worth of RP, 5K IP, 20 (Max) Rune pages, 3250 RP skin, 2 unavailable skins, Victorious Janna skin(S2 Gold), 8 other skins, 106 champions and all the necessary runes to play any position.) (Negotiable) To buy this account, add me on ( ID = gustyday1312) If you have a question leave a comment. When sending friend request, please say "I would like to buy the account" Screenshots imgur/48mPqea,W1xU8v6,B7EXZvD,8NlOk59,68n72lT,OUUa44Y,yg jxEmu,p9h0LzU#7 imgur/DXeKLKp,VQpEqpO,xi76sK0,lqcQpr4,XR59NV0,EsthJgI,bD O7OIS,LLQM3q1,GZklBtY Look through Image 1~8 and 1~9 on Imgur links.
Thread Status:
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