L2TehGamers(Bartz) Lvl79 duelist fully equiped

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    Hi. I sell lvl79 duelist with sub 79 saggi, 79 tyrant, lvl 73 paladin on tehgamers server Bartz 7x. Character is noblesse and have next equips: IC SET+6/3/3/3/3, DRAC SET+3, DC ROBE SET+6, FB+3FOCUS, DB+3FOCUS, S FISTS+3HEALTH, S DUALS+0, AM+2ACUMEN, ALLMOST FULL EPIC JEWELS SET(BAIUM,AQ,VALAKAS,ANTHARAS), A LOT OF MATERIALS, AROUND 300KK ADENA AND OTHER STUFF(NOT WORTH TO MENTION). I also have ELVEN ELDER LVL 75, HIEROPHANT LVL 78, QUEEN CAT BUFF, SWORDSINGER LVL 67, BD LVL 58 I'm 100% legit player, in good respected clan. Sell for Euro(Real money) or trade for World of warcraft Kazzak server. p.s: I used to be Hero, and for information i'm one of the best equiped players on server since RAID BOSS jewels are really really hard to get, even harder than official. A and S grade items you must craft, yust so you wouldn't think it's easy to get. I played there since opening, and this items were made in 2 years time. Donation is not possible. for those who doesn't know thegamers let me tell you it's friendly server with friendly community, been online since over 2 years without any rollback, staff is very friendly and professional. and they are updating things asap. so if you are not familiar with server i can say it's the best i played in my L2 time.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.