Selling  SH31+ King of avalon - Kingdom-440 - SH 40 with 2 Farm Also you got a Small Allience Rank 15 in Kingdom

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    Main Account Detailed : Total Power 625,659,850, VIP level 12, King Level 65, dragon level 69 with 6 Star, Infinity and cavalry T12 , Bowmen T11, 5 PCS Destruction and one hegemony. Gemstone 2 R7 and 2 R6. Hero Weapon 7 PCS Wildfire Set. Artifact All are R5, Prestige Statue 3PCS R6 one R5.

    Farm Account : 30 and 29 a lot resources both of account. you got 7000+ and 6000+ Nobel badge and 100+ Royal Badge and mostly both account have some destruction Armory and many more if you need see you can see via image or live in skype or other mobile sharing apps.