Just a FYI on selling mesos.

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    Just don't do it. At the rates most of you guys offer, you're just making another pointless thread.

    If you guys ever wondered around CEF in the past month or so, you might of heard of something called a Chinese meso farmer. If not, you're probably wondering what one is. A Chinese meso farmer is literally what they're named: A Chinese person who gets paid to make mesos. If you search them up on youtube, you will not only notice how shitty their lifestyle is but the amount of computers they have running at a time, all of which are botting/hacking non-stop. Job of the Chinses meso farmers is to keep watch of the computers to make sure nothing unfortunate happens. Transfer the mesos to a new mule to lessen the risk of getting banned and losing mesos. If they get banned, make a new account, log back in and hack. If they get kicked of, log back in.

    So yeah, Chinese meso farmers make A LOT of mesos in a given day. And because China's one of those with the few jobs and the overpopulation, there's probably not going to be an end of Chinese meso farmers. The people who hired them, sell the mesos made online to people in every single maplestory server. EMS, JMS, KMS, GMS, whatever, they all have Chinese meso farmers there. Of course, Nexon finally noticed the drop in the in-game economy due to Chinese meso farmers so they released the meso bag crap. It's off now but just google it if you don't know what it is.

    So they make mesos fast. The only thing left to do is sell them cheap. I don't want to emphasize but I can't hide the fact that their deals ARE WAY BETTER then the ones I see here. 2Mil for 1K NX? 1Mil for a buck? 40Mil for 15bucks? You can get more then 50Mil for 10 bucks or less from Chinese meso farmers.

    My point being, unless you can beat the Chinese meso farmers deal don't even make a meso selling thread. I don't find it worth it because I made like what, 15Mil botting/hacking overnight? That's like, 10 bucks for leaving my computer on for 3 days.

    Anyways, just a FYI.

    i made a thread on buying mesos yesterday i planned on buying 50m mesos for 30$ to my suprise i baught from a site for 15cents a mill... i had to put my phone and it was a chineese lady telling me what to do so yea... those chineese persons sure make alot of mesos
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