Sold Juicy 32M Power, Lord 57 account 158k Diamonds, 15k G points

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    The account is 32M Power, Lord Lv.57 K35 for 200 Euros.
    VIP 10 very very very close to 11

    It has about 116k Blue Diamonds + 42k after the investment = 158k Diamonds.. probably more when sold.

    It has also a little more than 42M gold.
    77 Days of normal Speed-ups and 22 Days of research Speed-ups, 14 days Troop Speed-ups.
    5 Black Diamonds
    1.3M Alliance coins

    Keep in mind this numbers will only go up because I will not use any resources untill I sell the account, apart from what is needed to upgrade researches and buildings.

    More information about troops, items, etc etc below the list.

    All comanders are at least Rank 7 and all max lv.57

    Varys: GOLD Rank 7 (buffs research speed)
    Melisandre: GOLD Rank7 (buffs construction speed)
    Soren: PURPLE Rank 8 (buffs research speed, I'm farming his medals)
    Chris: PURPLE Rank 7
    Kevin: GREEN Rank 7 (10 out of 50 medals)
    Tyrion:GREEN Rank 7 (35 out of 50 medals)
    Barret: GREEN Rank 7 (10 out of 50 medals)
    Gorell: BLUE Rank 7
    Arya Stark: BLUE Rank 7
    Sansa Stark: BLUE Rank 7
    Sheila: BLUE Rank 7
    Rob Stark: GREEN Rank 7
    Jeane: GREEN Rank 7
    Russel: WHITE Rank 7
    Merrel Peake: WHITE Rank 7
    Feis: WHITE Rank 7
    Arslan: WHITE Rank 7
    Kravas: WHITE Rank 7
    Robert: White Rank 7
    ~~ Seg, the Giant: Missing 7 medals to unlock

    Buildings (lv.25 is the max)

    Castle lv.25;
    Hospital lv.25;
    Barracks lv.25;
    Bank lv.9 (max level)
    Rookery lv.25;
    Blacksmith lv.25;
    Warehouse lv.25;
    Market lv.25;
    Wall defenses lv.25
    Embassy lv.25
    Farmland lv. 25
    Mine lv.25
    Quarry lv.25
    Lumberyard lv.25
    Mint lv.25

    Maesters Tower lv.24
    Bannerman 22
    Hall of faces lv.20
    Dungeon lv.20
    1 Mint lv.24
    7 Hospitals. lv24
    4 Mints lv.20
    3 Hospitals lv.20

    Research (max Lv.10):


    Building Mastery lv 10
    Everything else is Lv.9 apart from Diamond Prospecting cause it's not needed.


    Spy Lv.8
    Everything else is Lv 7 (I'm currently upgrading this branch)

    Expedition (it's pretty evolved, in order):

    Logistics I Lv.8
    Chilvary I Lv.9
    Military Disciplines Lv.9
    Tactical Planning I Lv.8
    Double Time March I L.v8
    Weakness Analysis I Lv.8
    Morale I lv. 8
    Battlefield Medicine I lv.8
    Tactical Planning II Lv.8
    Weakness Analysis II Lv.8
    Morale II Lv.8
    Battlefield Medicine II Lv.8
    Pacification Strategies IV Unlocked
    Inspiring Speech Lv. 4
    Weakness Analysis III Lv.4
    Logistics II Lv.6
    Military Discipline II Lv.6
    Chivalry II Lv. 7
    Pacification Strategies V Locked


    Rest of research worth of mentioning (check on your account to see how far it is on the branch itself):

    Commandership Branch reached Iron Bank Investment II

    Formations Branch reached Iron Bank Investment I

    Advanced Military reached Drill Instructior/Training Mastery II (it has some investment)

    City defense reached Wall Reinforcement III


    Weirwood Stamina: 133
    Endurance: 1000
    Motivation: 5 930 (almost 6 000)

    Dragon is still adult but it is max level and very close to elder.

    Items: (I'm only mentioning the basic ones, keep in mind I have tons of materials, I don't upgrade nothing further to give you the chance to upgrade what you see fit)

    Eye of R'lhor GOLD (research speed)
    Heart of the Ocean PURPLE (construction speed)
    Maester Set GREEN (only misses the first rarer material to upgrade)
    Huntsman Set Half Green, half White but I have plenty materials.

    The rest I have lots of materials I don't know what color they can become.

    Random Items:

    1x Transnational transfer/relocation (so you can move out from this Kingdom)

    19x precise transfers

    198x random transfers

    2x Equipment Record

    3x Talent Archives

    2x Extinguinsh Sand

    x16 Quest Refreshers

    x17 Talent reset

    x9 4k Motivation
    x2 2k Motivation
    x12 1k Motivation
    x4 400 Motivation
    x63 200 Motivation

    x2 1.2k Endurance
    x8 600 Endurance
    x28 100 Endurance

    x8 10K Lord XP

    x1 Heart Spirit (Weirwood)

    x7 Ox Meat PURPLE Dragon food
    x159 Blue food
    x733 Green food
    x6045 White food

    I have also:
    Lots of bubbles;
    Tons of Curfews (counter scouts);
    Warrior Inspirations
    Warrior Summons
    Warrior Protections
    Incresead dmg against rebel leaders
    Harvest scrolls
    and Boots...... Like tons and tons of these.


    106K Infantry
    84k Cavs
    87k Spears
    102K Bowmen

    Got attacked :(

    I will keep working on the account so it gets better, getting more things and I won't use anything that I won't need.
    Ask anything as I might missed something.
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