Jedi Shadow|Full Champ|max prof|54 valor|500k credits

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    Selling this Jedi shadow, digital deluxe edition, 54 valor, 500k credits, max professions, full champ. The account has battlefield 3 as well Full champion PVP gear Champion 2h Saber, all relics, earpiece, and implants 2/5 columni PVE gear with various tionese set and epic + modded armor for raiding Half and Half Champ and Centurion FULL tanking set fully EPIC geared best DPS companion Speeder Rank 3 110% Darkside 5 speeder and many more fully upgraded starship 500k credits tons of gear + mats in the bank and 2 bays purchased MAX PROFESSIONS: Biochem (Rakata Attack Adrenal, Rakata Medpac, Resolve Stimpac) Gives you REUSEABLE: strong healing potion, 565 attack power boost "trinket", and 60min willpower/power buff Bioanalysis Diplomacy VALOR RANK 54: Champion title (4 ranks away from BATTLEMASTER) ~20 titles such as Champion, Centurion, Gladiator, Master, etc Hits like a TRUCK in PvP and can easily 1v1 anyone, the class is very easy to learn as well. 643 expertise in PVP gear, meaning you can take a lot of damage and crit very high Looking for $200 AIM: Isellstoof :bobmcjeffery (contact for quicker response) POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING
Thread Status:
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