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    Hello, I've created this account in attempt to help out my friend who has been given the high risk title for accidentally creating another account. He was attempting to withdraw credits from that account and now has lost access to withdrawing and or creating his own support thread.

    The username of the account is TylerK, its linked to a facebook.

    He lost access to $300 in credits. He also purchased the verified membership in hopes to remove the highrisk title but was unrewarded with that title and asked if you guys were able to refund that.

    thank you
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    Guide - High Risk Accounts

    Automated Response

    What does a High Risk badge look like?


    What do High Risk accounts mean?

    Accounts that have a high risk badge mean one or more of the following reasons:

    • The account was "reported" too many times by other members over a short period of time.
    • The account has been flagged by our systems which detected that the user has created more than 1 account.
    • The account member has failed verification.
    • The account has been found mass spamming the website.
    • The account member when signing up to the website entered fake information.
    • The account member is connected with potential fraud.

    How do I remove a High Risk badge from my account?

    • Get verified upgrading your account to Verified status - Membership Plans | PlayerUp - Video Game Accounts Marketplace. Player 2 Player Secure Platform.
    • Sell 1 Account through PlayerUp Middleman Services.
    • Buy 1 Account through PlayerUp Middleman Services.
    • Wait a period of x days before our system removes the high risk automatically from your account. The specific timeframe varies depending on the infraction that was placed on your account.
    • Complete at least 3 transactions with other members who provided you Positive Feedback and then submit a Help Ticket requesting your High Risk badge removed as you completed 3 transactions.
    • Have a Verified or above member represent you taking liable for you if something goes wrong by opening a Help Ticket requesting your High Risk badge removed.
    • Submit a well written appeal to have the High Risk badge removed here by opening a Help Ticket. The appeal should contain URLs to other sites that you have Positive Feedback. Each URL should contain the word PlayerUp somewhere so we can verify you actually own this account. Note most appeals will be denied.

    Does that mean a High Risk member cannot be trusted?
    No. It means to proceed with caution as their account has been flagged for the reasons stated above.


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