Is this even a human Person?

Discussion in 'Help - General Support Answers' started by KikoNeko, 1/9/20.

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    Hello i am trying to reach out for middleman for weeks now with NO reaction. Is this whole think just a scam? Just a bot that is supposed to make you feel Safe? My money got stucked for months now and I will not go eazy on this
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    Automated Response


    Buyers: I just paid. How do I start my order?HideExpand

    If you have purchased an item through PlayerUp Middleman Services "Buy Now" option, then after the payment has been processed you'll need to fill out this form in order for your order to startup. If you have already completed this form, then your order will start shortly.

    Sellers: How do I receive payment after completing my order inside the 3 way conversation?HideExpand

    Please read this step by step guide

    Sellers: Can I receive an update on my payment status?HideExpand

    Please note that we DO NOT respond to duplicate tickets regarding your payment status in order to ensure everything is organized into 1 private conversation ticket so we won't reply to this ticket if you're requesting an update. If you have questions regarding your payment status, please post inside your private conversation ticket and remain patient so we can reply back. Meanwhile, you can track your payment status here.

    Sellers: How can I track my payment status?HideExpand

    Click Here

    Sellers: Where can I view my payment history and logs?HideExpand

    Once your payment has been sent, your private conversation ticket/3 way conversation ticket will show as completed and you can view a transaction log here for your records. If you're unable to view your transfers, simply select All Actions, select Transfer, and then press GO to pull up all your past transfers.

    Sellers: What if my order hasn't been activated and I have questions?HideExpand

    If your private and 3 way conversation ticket hasn't been activated, than an agent will update this ticket shortly.

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    To process a cancellation/refund request...
    #1 How To Cancel / Refund A Middleman Order | PlayerUp Accounts Marketplace. Player 2 Player Secure Platform.
    #2 (after your money has been refunded to you in the form of Credits)

    OR (if your 3-way ticket has yet to be published)
    #1 Please make sure to provide the same payment details you used when you made your purchase when asking for a refund in your Pre Middleman Order Startup ticket or the actual Private Conversation for your transaction.