Selling  iOS iOS S1062 VIP9 Account - 4 months old

Discussion in 'Idle Heroes Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Bob Ro$$, 2/14/20.

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    Hey guys! I'd like to sell my iOS S1062 VIP9 account.

    I played this account personally for a period of around 4 months or so daily since the server launched. Spent around $4000. Account is full of resources and has a lot of potential for fun and growth. Screenshots show most of the info, but please PM me if you would like any further, more specific details. Thanks!

    Discord: Bob Ro$$#1337

    - SL17 shadow cleared, haven't touched LD SL
    - Got the $680 Black Friday frame
    - 58,000 gems, 849 summoning scrolls, 375 prophet orbs, 6300 altar coins, 1255 glorious relics, 1092 crystals
    - 9+ copies of Carrie, the latest dark hero
    - Hell Aspen cleared
    - Lv 171/180 Phoenix max hp/atk

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