Selling  International Howrse Account (2000+ seniority, divines high ranking)

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    Looking to sell a Howrse account dating from 2009.

    Basic stats (defining information hidden) :
    - over 2000 days seniority
    - ranking currently within top 2500 players; easy to gain points if you want (account has been inactive for over a year)
    - 5000+ congratulations
    - karma: 10 points
    - high tier competitive team breeding history attached to account (#1, #2, #3 of various breeds)
    - no. of horses: 700+
    - all main species owned; has own donkey breeding line
    - no of divines/specials: 22 (includes divines, wilds and chimeras)
    - all 5th element coats owned, all bewitched bumpkin coats owned, 20+ golden apple coats and retired coats
    - several companion animals acquired
    - current equus: 2'000'000+
    - current passes: 250+
    - current aging points: 1100
    - current bm items:
    [​IMG]Hypnos' Blanket
    x 7
    [​IMG]Pandora's Box
    x 7
    [​IMG]Helios' Ray
    x 5
    [​IMG]Croesus' Fortune
    x 4
    [​IMG]Medusa's Blood
    x 4
    [​IMG]Morpheus' Arms
    x 3
    [​IMG]Water of Youth
    x 3
    [​IMG]Philotes' Stroke
    x 2
    [​IMG]Apollo's Lyre
    x 1
    [​IMG]Poseidon's Pack
    x 1
    [​IMG]Aphrodite's Tears
    x 1
    [​IMG]Achilles' Heel
    x 1
    [​IMG]Bonus Pack
    x 1
    [​IMG]Black Orchid
    x 1
    [​IMG]Vintage Apple
    x 1
    [​IMG]X-mas Equipment Pack
    x 1
    [​IMG]Fertility Wand
    x 1
    [​IMG]Ploutos' Parchment
    x 1
    - BMIs include Apollo's Privilege - free lyres for the entire game
    - EC has over 500 boxes (3*** and 2** included, lots of showers and water troughs)
    - 560 acres of meadows, 3 greenhouses
    - EC offers rosette competitions
    - lots lots more

    Had this account for over 10 years, so looking for reasonable offers. Contact me on discord hae-rose#5850, or reddit via user hae-rose. Will give more information when requested, just want to be careful about revealing too much since it's a high ranked profile!
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