Insane lvl 60 elyos Sorcerer + Alts

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    all characters are on server Spatalos EU Main Character information: Lvl 60 Female Elyos sorc Weapon : Stormwings jewl with lvl 55 arena condition 1 combo +10 enchanted and paralise godstone Wings : Kahrun's wings Head Sunakaya's Hairpin / lvl 55 condition 1 headpiece Earrings : Guardian Commander's Turquoise Earrings & Guardian Brigade General's Turquoise Earrings Necklace : Rings : 2x Guardian Commander's Turquise Ring Belt : Guardian Brigade General's Sash Shoulder Armor : lvl 60 arena condition 2 +5 enchanted Leg armor : lvl 60 arena condition 2 +5 enchanted Shoes armor : lvl 60 arena condition 2 +2 enchanted Gloves armor : lvl 60 arena condition 2 +2 enchanted Chest armor : lvl 55 arena condition 1 +1 enchanted Interesting stuff about the main Character : has the 62 million kinah costing vendor mount Master alchamist able to craft all but the last stage of the lvl 58 craftable book ( have 5 of the needed books in bank ready to try for the proc as soon as u get recipe ) 450 essence tapping 300 aether tapping skills fully decorated house around 100 million kinah in stock ( this wil vary a bit depending on how fast my account sells ) and i have for about a extra 100 million in sellable stuff has a rare balic skin 2 goldpacks in the bank so u wont have to worry about that for a while 25.000 1800 this wil ofcourse increase as time progress at the moment my main got 600.000 AP for you to spend and 50 mithril medals this to wil increase as time progress 400 kahrun symbols to use has all usefull morphing designs also has Magic boost accecory items like 2x debilkarim turquise earrings 2x Guardian Primus Pilus's Turquoise Ring and guardian primus pillus turquoise necklace to increase magic boost when u need to PvE / Grind depending on your gem preferance u can get over 2.1k Magic resist or over 3k magic boost but ofcourse what ever gems u socket and chose to take is totaly up to u i personaly find that my current setup works best for PvP all my other characters are Semi twinks ( lvl 52 cleric lvl 43 sin lvl 30 gladiator lvl 22 templar ) no AP gear just best possible gear kinah can buy for there respected levels i am the original owner got all info required to make the trade PAYPALL ONLY ! all reasonable offers are conciderd instant buyout is 500 dollar US add to for a chat if u like vyoftw p>
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