Selling  Android  High End Injustice 2 Mobile 9 Million TTV Roster with Darkseid, 5-Star CBM, 6-Star CSM

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    Included is a 9 million threat roster that can easily reach 50+ million damage on Raid 7 and reach Elite 4 in Arena.

    The materials are as follows:
    Nearly 30 million credits
    1,500 energy
    125,000 Gear Material
    14.05k League Shards
    1,480 Arena Medals
    104 Stellar Orbs
    60 Cosmic Orbs
    62 Galactic Orbs
    22 Energy Tanks

    Notable damage characters are as follows:
    A Perfect KoAAM with 5,268 Attack (can get 20 million damage in a single pip on Raid 7 with SZM)
    Silver Banshee with 5,506 Attack and 43% Lethal (could be 50 if a talent was made Epic)
    PBM with 6,597 Attack (technically a whopping 7,135 due to CBM's passive)
    LLJ with nearly 4,000 Attack and 51% Fast Attack
    AAAM with 4,907 Attack
    CSM with 4,226 Attack
    (all have max or near-max crit chance and crit damage)

    Notable support characters are as follows:
    A near-perfect combo-building ASM with nearly 33k Health, 70.5% Fast Attack, and a passive +20% Defense to the entire team
    A near-perfect combo-building BMR with over 26k Health and 70% Fast Attack
    SZM with 30k Health and 56% Fast Attack (an absolute monster in Champions Arena)
    HSC with over 30k Health
    JSGL with 22k Health and 72% Fast Attack
    BA with 4,344 Attack, 18k Health, 71% Defense and 47% Blocking (passive and stats allows for great synergy with any team, but could easily be made a damage character if desired)

    Rare/Valuable Characters:
    Legendary Darkseid
    5-Star Classic Batman
    6-Star Classic Superman

    (These Classic heroes are very very rare, and you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with even one of them at three stars. This account has both. And both with maxed Passives, no less.)

    I created this account on launch day of Injustice 2 Mobile, and I spent over $600 on it over the course of the next two years. I was a very avid raider, as you can probably tell from my choice of developed heroes and orb count. I put maybe 1,000 hours of playtime into this account, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to part with it now.

    I've left you with plenty of resources to buy XP capsules, reroll talents, or build another character. I hope you find as much enjoyment here as I did. You'll be able to top the Arena and Raid leaderboards with no problem; and with this roster, you should be able to get into almost any Raid 7 or Raid 8 League.

    You can message me on Discord at SemanticSyntax#3906 for any additional questions or screenshots. God bless.
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