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    Hello, I have acc to sell. There is : -> Cleric 55 lvl female asmo 3-stars officer -weapon: SW Warhammer +12 (with MR) GS blind SW Staff +4 mixed with Debilkarim Staff (with MB) GS 940 dmg BT shield (with MR) -arrmor: Jotun Hauberk +3 (with MB) SW Boots (with MB) BT Pants (MB) Malika Gloves (with MB) Master Noble Drenium Pauldrons (with MB) -stigmas: full CL tree + some stigma from healing tree -accesory Master Noble Chain Hood Debilakrim's Earring x2 Maliaka Sash Kingspin Ring & Miren Ring Kysis Neckle On this char i have master armormith 520p and essencetapping 499p, alchemy 134p and aethertapping 145p. In wh there is many things like: gold/siver/platinum medals, enchant stone 80+, manastones hp/mb/mr (around 20 each) some vendor mats and petals and 150kk+ kinah. ->chanter female asmo lvl 42 The most important think is that on this char is cooking master 541p got some blue crappy staffs, i used it mostly to craft and earn money, it has registered the most important rcp's also from master craft. ->sorc lvl 55 asmo female Some blue armors, kromeda jewel, some balic mats, petals, and ore, and alchemy 239p. If you are interested bid on ***************************************************** or buy it now for 150$! Cya.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.