Infinite Aion TOP CLERIC!!!!!(CHEAP)

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    The account contains 3 characters-Asmodian side Server:Infinite Aion (greed) Cleric Level:55 (Wich is one of the best Clerics on the Server) Assasin Level:50 (it's a low level character mostly for fun) Ranger Level:40 (another low level character for fun) More information about the gear: Cleric Level 55:Consist 4 parts Elite Level 50 gear +11: Elite Archon Tribunus's Brogans Elite Archon Tribunus's Chausses Elite Archon Tribunus's Hauberk Elite Archon Tribunus's Spaulders (chain) Gloves level 55 whit cast speed Archon Primus Pilus's Gloves (cloth) PVP weapon:level 55--Horned Dragon Emperor's Staff (enchanted on +10) fused whit Courage Insignias PVP staff Cond level 2-11% pvp attack+silence godstone! Accesoaries: Belt-lvl55--Archon Brigade General's Sash Necklace-lvl55--Archon Brigade General's Turquoise Necklace Rings-lvl50x2--Archon Tribunus's Sapphire Ring Earrings-lvl50x2--Archon Tribunus's Sapphire Earrings Headband-lvl55--Noble Horned Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses Thats about the pvp gear of my cleric.I also have 2more sets for PVE 1 for damage and 1 for healing +Tahabata Warhammer(for DPS) on +10+dmg godstone +some other accesoaries for PVE. Stigma: Call Lightining(but there is enought ap in wherehouse to buy the other one if you don't like playing on this one. Total Abyss Points:Over 8 000 000! Oh the Cleric also have 2 proffesions Alchemy ON Master 506p and Aethertaping on 480p. Assasin:Lannok-Sword + Lannok-Dagger(wich are extend) +10 paralyze and stun godstone.3parts level 40 non-elite Abyss gear the rest parts are some gold for level 50,the rest parts are pve but they give good stats. Ranger:Kromede Bow +15+blind godstone full crafted level 35 gear+2x level 30 rings Abyss+ Level 30 belt abyss.The rest parts are also pve but gives good stats. Maybe some of you gonna ask ''why I am gonna sell my character since it's one of the onese on the top?'' Well don't have more time for gaming since I got a job... I hope who ever buy it will keep it on the top! For other Questions pm me! Waiting for Offers(post em at the topic)! Price(in Euros):Accept Pay pal! (The topic gonna be over at Frieday the highest offer(price) will take the account.)
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