InfinitAion !! sorc ! very well geared for just 100euro ! its not a scam !

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    Server InfinitAion / Greed name Faustt faction Asmodian lvl 55 Gear Stormwing's Tunic +1 Stormwing's Leggings +2 Stormwing's Pauldrons Stormwing's Shoes Stormwing's Gloves Beshmundir Sorcerer Hairpin Debil necklace Debilkarim's Turquoise earrings x2 Kingspin's Turquoise ring x2 Malika's Sash Stormwing's Jewel +10 fused with another stormwing's jewel and the 1880 fire dmg godstone Stigmas Glacial Shard I Arcane Thunderbolt I Flame Spray I Summon Rock I Supplication of Focus I Abysal points and kills 41.468 ap and 100 elly kills ) i dont like pvp =) Both motions the levitation + ninja Crafting Expert Essencetapping 422/499 Expert Tailoring 423/449 Journeyman Alchemy 399/399 ok !! PRICE !!! 100 Euro oo and i swear its not a scam !! i can give u my mail my addres we can talk first and then act ! thanks for listening !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.