Important: Safe Trading Guide - Avoid Scams

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    We have compiled a list of all security procedures and guides to safeguard yourself:

    Middleman Services
    The only way you'll be guaranteed payment or receive your product is going through PlayerUp Middleman Services. Read these guides below for further information:
    • Middleman: Creating A Middleman Escrow Checkout Link
    • Middleman: Buyers Guide
    • Middleman: Sellers Guide
    • Middleman: Legal Services
    How can I get information on basic questions?
    • View Guide Section
    • View Knowledge Base
    How can I contact Middleman support?
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    How can I contact support?
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    What other security tips can you provide?
    Follow this Safe Trading General Guide - Avoid Being Scammed for additional ways to safeguard yourself.

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    [trigger]Guide - How To Report A Dispute

    Automated Response

    If someone you believe has scammed you, please open a Dispute Form Here. Filing a report takes 2 minutes and will then provide us the necessary information to take action against the individual and assist you at resolving the dispute. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter and sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.

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