Important: Safe Trading Clash of Clans Guide - Avoid Scams

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    Due to an increase number of individuals reporting that they have been frauded, we have compiled a list of all security procedures and guides to safeguard yourself:

    Middleman Services
    The only way you'll be guaranteed payment or receive your product is going through PlayerUp Middleman Services. Read these guides below for further information:
    Middleman: Creating A Middleman Escrow Checkout Link
    Middleman: Buyers Guide
    Middleman: Sellers Guide
    Middleman: Legal Services

    KIK, Skype, or IM
    PlayerUp will never contact you through any 3rd party service such as by e-mail, skype, or kik messenger. Anyone claiming they are a middleman through e-mail, skype, or kik messenger is fraudulent. Read our Kik Messenger Guide - Avoid Being Scammed

    How can I get information on basic questions?
    How can I contact Middleman support?
    How can I contact support?
    What account information does the seller need to provide the buyer?
    • Full Access to the Apple ID/Gamecenter Account, and/or
    • Full Access to the Gmail Address
    What should the buyer do before paying the seller?
    All buyers should ask for proof of ownership of the account before paying the seller.
    • Ask the seller to message you while in game, and/or
    • Ask the seller to provide you a screenshot of the account in game. Once the seller has provided you a screenshot, ask him to move his townhall to an opposite corner.
    If the seller is unable to provide at least one of these methods of verification above, report this seller to PlayerUp as they are most likely fraudulent and we will investigate.

    iTunes Pre Paid Card Transactions
    Avoid sending pre paid gift cards to sellers. This notice is for any buyer that is attempting to purchase a Clash of Clans Account where the seller is requesting an iTunes Gift Card in exchange for their Clash of Clans Account. Recently we have seen 1 or more individuals attempt to fraud others by receiving an iTunes Gift Card in exchange for a Clash of Clans Account. They are advertising that the Clash of Clans Account they're selling is cheap to try to attract buyers into providing them a gift card for a Clash of Clans Account. This is most likely a scam and we strongly advise any buyer to avoid sending an iTunes Gift Card to a seller unless the seller is willing to go through our PlayerUp Middleman Service.

    What other security tips can you provide?
    Follow this Safe Trading General Guide - Avoid Being Scammed for additional ways to safeguard yourself.
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