Buying  High End  2008 I'm looking to preserve a specific account for the future

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    Needed: I want to have a account that is 2008 or earlier, has lifetime obc, and has all roblox badges that you cant get today like inviter, bloxxer, all like that.
    Not needed: RARE ITEMS, EXPENSIVE ITEMS, AND/OR A RARE USERNAMES WOULD BE GREAT (anything good on the account would be great) but not needed.

    If you have it please preserve that offer for me for i do not have the money yet.

    If you have something SIMILAR please tell me and i will think about it

    thank you

    EDIT: roblox badges for place visits aren't needed. Remember I want all of the badges like all the bloxxers (green) and all blue badges (it's okay if they're isn't any somehow) like the ambassadors, inviters...

    REMEMBER! If you have something similar, please you can still contact me.
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