I Sell a Eve online acc 50 Mio SP / Pvp (german)

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    Hi, I am sorry to part with my EVE account ... The account is still open for 25 days (today is 12/23/2012). This char is specced mainly on PVP, incidentally on miners and Trading (actions) in order to earn easy money There are currently a total of 2 Jump Clone (+ His own Char) are available with which you can locate easily to 3 Different jump in EVE (all in high or low) The char was always treated well by me until the account is not banned by CCP I will only superficially address the character data. This is a very well geskillten Minmatar / Caldari PVP pilots with more than 49 million skill points, Both breeds are almost perfectly to be Drake and including Hurricane kills, providing for a very many ships available for PVP ... Furthermore, the following ships can be flown: Tengu (any) Dramiel, Daredevil, Stabber Fleet Issue, Scorpion Navy Issue and many other faction ships Advanced Battlecruisers Heavy Assault Ships Logistics (support as fleets to repair other ships) Recon Ships (For Hot Drops, etc.) Interdictors Assault Ships Covert Ops Electronic Attack Frigates Interceptors To earn money: The char can fly a T2 Hulk (any) and additional ne Orca bringing easy money you can earn by mining, whom a PVE is more fun may very well put in a Tengu and thus earn his money. Personally, I prefer to watch the film alongside miners ^ ^ ISK (in game money): 100 + million ISK in bar Far more than 2.5 billion ISK in ships and loot which is distributed in the High and Low. Security Status: -1.5 Other: Should not you know what's hot drop then you should definitely inquire about times and you will see that the char PVP is also designed for brutal Many Tactical offer opportunities for fleets with the Logistic and Electronic ships. Not only for fleets and for the solo fight it is best equipped, most saved ship fittings I will leave some to you so that you may quickly find deal. I offer you the opportunity to purchase this character an immediate purchase, should you have any questions or anything is unclear be get in contact! pay only with Paypal. All EVE Online Items and characters are the intellectual property of CCP. I make no claim to the ownership of virtual items traded here. The buyer pays only for the time and effort that have been spent in order to achieve the above Score of character. The account of the nature of the objects themselves and therefore remain the property of CCP! The buyer is also the seller of this item free with the purchase of any and all claims by CCP. In addition, the buyer shall immediately after receiving the login details all account information, such as e-mail, account information, address, etc. to change. If the seller by the buyer's failure to suffer disadvantages, these are borne by the buyer. Furthermore, they were aware that a purchase or trade accounts for the blocking of the account can lead by CCP. As an individual, I offer no guarantee or warranty. By bidding on this auction, they give their consent to the declaration.
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