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    Well throughout WOW, Vanguard, LOTRO, EQ and more me and my friends have wondered what is the best site to buy gold? Throughout the last 2 years we have shopped at various sites looking for the best MMO store. We ranked the stores we visted based on various compartments. (We as a group of 18 people decided to rank based upon 5 components) Price, Customer Service, Delivery time, Powerleveling, Overall Outlook We awarded stars for each different category as follows: Price: *****- this meant that the prices on this site were top of the line and industry leading ****- prices on the site were better then average ***- prices on the site were just average with otherwebsites **- prices on the site were a bit higher then usual *- prices on the site were much higher then usual Customer Service: *****- Customer Service is very friendly, helpful, and polite with great english skills ****- Customer Service is helpful with good english skills ***- Customer Service is helpful although there is a bit of a wait time and english is moderate **- Customer Service is availble after a wait and seems to be using a translation service *- Customer Service is not availble or not understandble at all times Delivery Time: *****- Delivery came within 2-4 hours ****- Delivery happened within 4-8 hours ***- Delivery was completed within 8-16 hours **- Delivery was completed within 16-24 hours *- Delivery took more then 24 hours or was not completed Powerleveling: *****- Great powerleveling very fast and efficient with fast start time and felxibility. ****- Good powerlevling fast with start time within 12 hours and flexible. ***- Decent quality powerleveling with start time within 24 hours and flexible. **- Poor powerleveling with very poor starting time and service. *- Powerleveling was not completed or company used bots/hacks which lead to character being banned. N/A- Website is not offering powerleveling Overall Outlook: *****- Great Customer service, delivery time and good prices definatly one of the best stores to shop at our choice! ****- Good prices and customer service would shop here if there was a problem at one of the ***** sites ***- Would not shop here unless they were only ones in stock, just average online website **- Wouldnt shop here, would wait until another website was availble *- Bad experiance shopping at this website either service/gold was not delivered or timing was very very bad. Here comes the list! swagvualt Price: *** The price is just average for swagvault and for many games you can find better pricing elsewhere Customer Service: *** Usually somebody is availble to help you but they are sometimes hard to understand and a wait time is almost always present. Delivery Time: *** Some orders were delivered within 2 hours but most of the time we were told to wait and wait while they managed technical difficulties etc. no bonus was presented for later delivery. Powerleveling: *** The level-level powerleveling is probobly the most extensive out there but we noticed that if you bought powerleveling based on time example 16 hour PL, somebody would only play your character for 6 hours we were dissapointed by this. Overall Appeal: *** I would shop here just for the level-level powerleveling lewt Price: ** The price was higher then most sites Customer Service: *** Customer Service usually has small wait times and you can communicate with them effectivaly usually Delivery Time: ** Delivery from Lewt took alot longer then we wanted and no bonus offer was present. Only Diablo II featured fast delivery. Powerleveling: N/A Overall Appreal: ** Would only use this site for diablo II purchases. THsale Price: ** Price was higher then most sites Customer Service: ** The wait time we experianced was HORRENDOUS 15 min++ although the english was understanable. Delivery Time: ** Delivery seemed to take a long time, seemed like my order was forwarded to supplier which took a long time deliver usually 8ish hours. Powerleveling: * Powerleveling WAS NOT FINSIHED! Overall Appeal: * Scamming people on powerleveling with stupid excuses stay away! Price: ** Price was higher then most sites Customer Service: **** Customer Service was very good fluent english but sometimes had a wait time. Delivery Time: *** Usually got order within 6 hours. Powerleveling: N/A Overall Appeal: *** Great Site for buying accounts cheap! Although gold prices are a bit higher. Also offer alot of game accounts. mogs Price: ** Price was usually QUITE higher then most sites. Customer Service: *** Good English although wait times and helpfulness was quite low. Delivery time: *** Usually got order within 6 hours. Powerleveling: *** Good Speed and Flexibility although speed is high. Overall Appeal: ** Price was to high for our liking although the website layout is quite nice. topgamegold Price: ***** price was the lowest we have seen for most servers and games. Customer Service: ***** Great Response time,fluent english, great help overall. Delivery Time: **** Usually got delivery within 4 hours, also some bonuses are present for double gold if delivery is not within 2 hours on some games. Powerleveling: N/A Overall Appeal: **** This so far has been the site with the best prices and fastest delivery, only got 4 because no powerleveling is offered. itemrate Price: ** Price was usually higher then most MMO sites. Customer Service: *** English was sketchy and times were about 3-4 minute wait. Delivery Time: *** Some orders within 2 hours but most were 12 hours+ Powerleveling: Did Not Test (please let me know if you have any inputs) Overall Appeal:** We would only use this site if they delivered to your WOW server faster then all other sites. itemgarden Price: *** Price was about average Customer Service: *** good customer service although there are wait times constantly. Delivery Time: *** The delivery time for some WoW servers is within 2 hours but for NON-WOW and some of the servers it is 24 hours +. (speaking for LOTR and Vanguard) Overall Appeal: Again if they supply your WoW server faster then other sites they are a good place to shop prices a bit lower then itemrate. [censored] Price: *** Price was higher then usual Customer Service: **** We gave this a 4 because alot of the time the customer service was impeccable but also there were instances that the repersentative did not care/ or did not know english. Delivery Time: *** The delivery time for WOW is pretty brutal along with Vanguard and LOTRO, Some gamers here are very fast along with some WoW Servers (we tried 3 VG servers all took 2+ days) Powerleveling: ** Here the problem comes for a total of 8 accounts 6 were finished on or before the required time, the leveling was great but the accounts didnt really have much on them, 2 accounts however were 3 weeks late and still untouched hard to get a refund as well so with a 25% fail rate we gave them 2. Overall Appeal: We would shop here if you could not find another store that carried all of the Games these guys do, they have a huge list of games and services though not the cheapest. So far with the research done the top site for us has been topgamegold for the purchase of gold they have by far the cheapest prices we have seen and are a subsidary of same service at a lower price. For cheaper powerleveling we like swagvault they also carry a huge list of games. In the near future we will be adding more sites to this list if you have any questions or sites you would like us to evaluate please post them here.
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