Huge account in EUNE

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    Profile: Champions Owned:86/106 Skins[49]: Stinger Akali Golden Alistar Mythic Cassiopeia Lochness Cho'Gath Frosted Ezreal Special Forces GP Dreadknight Garen Mafia Graves Frostblade irelia Hextech Janna Full Metal Jayce Deep One Kassadin Karate Kennen Dragon Fist Lee Sin Iron Solari Leona Void Nocturne Forsaken Olaf Myrmidon Pantheon Scarlet Hammer Poppy Outback Renekton Battle Bunny Riven Rumble in the Jungle Augmented Singed Arcade Sona Jack Of Hearts TF Tundra Hunter Warwick General Wukong Limited Availability Skins: Matador Alistar War Hero Janna Skin(s2 gold+ elo players) - @ 6/11/2012 Pharaoh Amumu Red Riding Annie Definitely not Blitzcrank Nightmare Cho'gath Mr.Mundoverse Scuba Gragas Judgement Kayle -S1 Players Skin- Shamrock Malphite Vizier Malzahar k9 Nasus Skin Leopard Nidalee Haunting Nocturne Sasquatch nunu Blacksmith Poppy Frozen Shen Professor Ryze Hextech Sion Emerald Taric --Runes-- 4 Rune Pages --FREE TRANSFERS-- Price starting from 60 EUROz - pm me Accepting Paypal,-payScard- - +5 Euros Fee if you want to pay with -payScard-. - will not go first -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.