Selling HQ 22 in SAHD #202 $200 OBO

Discussion in 'Mobile Strike Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by ooAngeloo, 10/1/16.

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    HQ 22, 294 million power, 3.5 million kills, 17.8 million loyalty
    VIP Prestige 6 level 5 with 526 days left as of this post.

    Full T4 troops and traps unlocked and researched
    T4 Troop count: 188,300 Demolitions; 247,600 Deltas; 554,000 Tanks; 2,350 Rocket Artillery
    Also a variety of T3 troops in queue as meat shield

    Full T4 traps at HQ 22 capacity.

    Commander level 53 and a wide variety of legendary gear and mods.

    Tons of unopened crates!

    Also, there are a wide selection of shields available including 30 day shields. This is a great account, in a great state! #202 has won many SVS KE - including the 18 way SVS!

    Asking $400.00

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